• Dorms (capacity of dorms at 10%, allowing space and privacy for every practitioner)

  • Female/male bathrooms and showers

  • Stand alone commercial kitchen with communal dining area

  • Inside Yoga Shala as well as outside space for Yoga in nature

  • Stand alone study and communal room

Bermuda (Paget Island)

This is the island you will call home for the 21 days of you training. Paget Island is a 36 acres secluded island in the East end of Bermuda. The natural and quiet surrounding offers the ideal setting for you to truly immerse in the yogi lifestyle and comprehend the traditional path of Yoga.

The island provides a relaxed and tuned in environment, including a beach, natural walks and a fort.
The living spaces are all agglomerated in the centre of the island, creating the perfect scenario for a communal and peaceful living.

During time off you can adventure around the island on the trails leading to different areas, relax on the beach, help the cook in the kitchen, or just enjoying some quite time in one of our indoor spaces such as the study room or the dining area.

On days off (Sundays), you will have the option to get on the main island of Bermuda to adventure and explore on your own or with organised tours, or you can participate in Yoga related workshop with outside teachers. More information on all options will be provided upon booking.